d New York Neo-Futurists

Rob Neill’s “Why I went away and wasn’t sure if I’d come back, come back alive” (2007)

This song is performed by 5 neo-futurists, all holding items representing the words they sing. Whenever possible, Joey Rizzolo sings the cake part in a high falsetto.


Kevin R. Free’s My Most Successful Failure (2007). Learn to play along at home with the E chord.

From Marta Rainer’s play, What Would Leonard Do (2006), a faux a capalla Leonard Cohen song that happened in the dark with flash lights and band-aids. This play has one of the best final stage directions in all of Neo-Futurism..

Flashlight Neos click off their lights, plunging all into the despair of darkness.


from “Sadie Hawkins” by Eevin Hartsough (2007). During this play, the Neo-Futurists would sing various lyrics to each other and slow dance. 

Joey Rizzolo’s “Brownie Mountain” (2008)

When originally performed, Neo-Futurists would shove Joey’s mouth full of delicious brownies just before final the set of verses. Hilarity ensued.