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One of the songs in You are in an open field is called “I’m da boss.” We thought it only appropriate to share just one piece of inspiration for it.


IMDABES (by gmcfosho)

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© 2008 Eevin Hartsough 

This play is ideally done with 5 neos - Eevin plus four - although it could be done with three. Eevin stands center and is flanked by pairs of neos holding up pictures of the celebrities they (and Eevin) are talking about as points of reference. 

Eevin: I want you to know that I, too, am prone to mistakes and mixups. So in order to help you avoid some of the embarrassing situations I’ve suffered, I offer the following: 

1 & 2 enter. 

Eevin: Gertrude Stein did NOT masquerade as a playboy bunny. That was Gloria Steinem. 

1: Stein - American avant-garde writer and art collector who lived in Paris and was friends with Matisse, Picasso, Thornton Wilder and Earnest Hemingway among others. Heavyset unattractive lesbian. 

2: Steinem - American feminist icon, writer and journalist. DID go undercover at the playboy mansion - as depicted in the ABC TV movie “A Bunny’s Tale.” Married to Christian Bale’s dad and kind of a hottie herself, actually. 

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You know who we love? Warren Buffett. Listen as Joey and Eevin sing (with the mighty power of 12 Neo-Futurists backing them up) “The Sage of Omaha” during our final Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind for 2011. Rock out, friends. Thank you for an amazing year.

Eevin Hartsough’s “The Sage of Omaha”

Recorded at North American Cultural Laboratory, Oct 2011

See Eevin and Joey duet the heck out of this song for two nights only! Just one of the 30 plays we’ll be performing at Best of TMLMTBGB 2011, Friday & Saturday Dec 16 & 17, 10:30pm. Get your tickets in advance!

10.10.07 (and every other day, really, albeit less dramatically)

© Eevin Hartsough 

Neo 1: Hey I’ve got a problem with you. 

Neo 2: Oh yeah? 

Neo 1: Yeah. 

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Kevin R. Free singing “Laika, are you out there?” from Laika Dog in Space, by Jill Beckman, Eevin Hartsough, and Rob Neill. Music by Carl Riehl.

from “Sadie Hawkins” by Eevin Hartsough (2007). During this play, the Neo-Futurists would sing various lyrics to each other and slow dance.